Net Status (host monitor)

Using Net Status™ you can get a fast glimpse of what is happening now with your hosts, routers and other network devices connected to the Internet or LAN.

Net Status™ checks network services your hosts run for availability and present the information in a convenient way aiming at providing a faster way to diagnose network problems. With Net Status™ you can quickly and easily determine which hosts and services are down from your monitoring list.

Network probes are performed using asynchronous algorithms that allow Net Status™ to operate quite fast – a host with quite a lot of running services is checked within fractions of a second. Even problematic hosts don’t slow down the check process for a time much longer than a timeout you specify.

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Chalkboard Stunts Pro

Chalkboard Stunts puts you in the drivers seat as you race through numerous, exciting tracks and try to get the best possible times! In addition to the built-in tracks, you can download new levels from our server. The best part is that with the integrated level editor, you can create your own tracks and then upload them for the rest of the world to enjoy!

Loops, ramps, blocks, speed zones and other pieces give you the flexibility to create fast, sweeping tracks or even intricate physics puzzles that dynamically change the layout of the track — the possibilities are endless!

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The Creeps!

There are Creeps living in your closet! Defeat the things that go bump in the night with toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs. Summon a giant spider to slow your enemies, or a UFO to sap their energy!

Great game from the tower-defense-genre with guest appearances from the Pocket God Pygmies and the Doodle Jump Doodler!

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Mouse About

The aim of Mouse About is to solve all the food puzzles by guiding Marv the hungry mouse around the screen from one piece of food to another, he will then scoff the food down and wait impatiently for you to guide him to the next tasty morsel. Marv has to eat all the food onscreen to successfully progress to the next puzzle. Each puzzle is played against the clock so you have to hurry.

No two games are ever the same as the puzzles dynamically respond to the players skill level.

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Chop Chop Ninja

Chop Chop Ninja is a sidescrolling platformer/beat ’em up in which you play a ninja. As always, your job is to save the princess! The game features iPhone-specific control system that works quite well. Movement, jumping and attacking are all done by on-screen touches and gestures. No D-Pad to be found, and it works surprisingly well.

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reMovem 2

Get the iPad sequel to the reMovem games for the iPhone and iPod touch that over 6,000,000 users have downloaded!

reMovem 2 for iPad combines the hugely popular paid and free versions of reMovem, adds more board space and balls, throws in some fun holiday themes, and delivers some very cool new features. And it’s free!

See how high you can score by removing clusters of colored balls from the screen. The more balls in the cluster, the more points you’ll rack up. Sound easy? Yes, reMovem 2 is easy to pick up but hard to put down! Try it today and see for yourself!

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Devil Invasion

This is a very creative game that involves a bejeweled like twist where instead of up and down, you move in a hexagon, and take away gems diagonally. Get this game while you can, because this is the one of the best cross-overs i have played!

A puzzle action title which breaks the mold of previous games.

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